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5 Awesome Archaeological Sites in Greece That You Don’t Know About Yet

5 Awesome Archaeological Sites in Greece That You Don’t Know About Yet

Greece is full of archaeological sites and monuments of distinctive prestige and charm, which all known periods of their long-standing history have left their mark.

Greece generally is a vast archaeological site. Because the country was already inhabited from the prehistoric era, traces of human civilization are available everywhere, in all corners from the land. Visitors have the opportunity to make a distinctive “journey” through the rare “mosaic” of historic and cultural memory that has left an indelible mark on every region of the nation and effortlessly highlights the manifold manifestations of Greek culture up to now.

Best Greek Archaeological Sites

The next archaeological sites and cultural areas in Greece happen to be characterised as Monuments of Cultural Heritage:

The Acropolis of Athens

The Acropolis of Athens, also known as the Sacred Rock, stands around the highest point of Ahens. It is regarded as the most important heritage of the Classical period as well as Europe’s most important ancient monument. The Parthenon temple may be the main building on the Acropolis and constitutes an architectural splendour from the ancient times.
The Acropolis stands proudly within the modern and busy town of Athens and it keeps reminding us that Athens was the cradle of the great civilization. Although temples were constructed there because the Archaic times, the Acropolis as you may know it today was a concept of Pericles, the famous statesman of the Classical Era.

The Oracle of Delphi

Delphi , the navel of the world, as it was known in those days, was a sanctuary dedicated to God Apollo. The place to find the enigmatic Oracle of Delphi, the area is assigned to the myth of Pythia, the legendary female prophet, who acted as Apollo’s mouthpiece, when she fell inside a trance. It is also here the Pythian Games were born, years prior to the Olympic Games of 776 BC.

Today, modern Delphi, in central Greece, is a well-liked tourist destination, which was a UNESCO World Heritage site later. There is also a small archaeological museum in the foot of the main archaeological site.

Olympia Greece

Olympia Greece


The Olympics have evolved over the years being the most spectacular show business on the world, and they travel every 4 years from one host country to a different, but in Ancient Greece, all “civilized” cities gathered in ancient Olympia to sign up in athletic competitions and cultural festivals.

Sacred Island of Delos

Also referred to as the Island of Apollo, this small but historically significant sanctuary is found in the heart of Cyclades just miles from Mykonos. During the ancient times, it was the middle of religion, trade, commerce and politics and it is discovery in 1873 was monumental for the reason that it bore testament to a very advanced civilization. Must-sees include the Agora, the Temple from the Lions, the Sanctuary and also the Theatre District.


The site of Mycenae is recognized as one of the oldest sites in Greece and witnesses the introduction of the Mycenaean civilisation. Mycenae was the legendary home of Agamemnon, ruler from the Greeks during the Trojan War. The Mycenaean civilization takes a name after the discovery from the site of Mycenae.
The Mycenaean civilization followed the Minoans. Their society, as proved through the excavations, was formed by a top-notch group. Their citadels were fortified using what we call the Massive “Cyclopean” walls. These were named like this because people believed that only Cyclopes could have lifted such huge stones to compose them.

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