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Khajuraho Temples – The Best Erotic Sculptures Temples in India

Khajuraho Temples – The Best Erotic Sculptures Temples in India

Khajuraho temples is a major tourist attractions and archaeological site in Madhya Pradesh, india.

Khajuraho Temples which is located in Madhya Pradesh in central India. The name Khajuraho, or Kharjuravāhaka, is derived from Sanskrit language. One thousand years ago, under the benefaction of the Chandela Rajput kings of Central India, 85 temples, magnificent in form and richly engraved, came up on one site, near the village of Khajuraho. The amazingly short span of 100 years, from 950 AD – 1050 AD, saw the completion of all the temples, in an inspired burst of creativity. Today, of the original 85, only 22 have survived the havoc of time these remain as a collective paean to life, to joy and to creativity to the ultimate union of man with his creator. Lets know more about these ancient artistic beauty which reflects the great creativity of Indian craftsman.

khajuraho temples

khajuraho temples

History of Khajuraho Temples

Madhya Pradesh is land of great antiquity. Madhya Pradesh is the home of monuments representative of various periods of history. Among most popular world heritage sites of Central India like Rock paintings, Buddhist Stupas and Temples, Khajuraho is known for its ornate temples that are spectacular piece of human imagination, artistic creativity, magnificent architectural work and deriving spiritual peace through eroticism. Khajuraho Temples are among the most beautiful medieval monuments in the country. These temples were built by the Chandella ruler between AD 900 and 1130. It was the golden period of Chandella rulers. It is presumed that it was every Chandella ruler has built atleast one temple in his lifetime. So all Khajuraho Temples are not constructed by any single Chandella ruler but Temple building was a tradition of Chandella rulers and followed by almost all rulers of Chandella dynasty.

Erotic sculptures of Khajuraho Temples

A unique feature of the Khajuraho temples is that, contrary to custom, they are not enclosed within walls, but stand on a high terrace of solid masonry, as though in an effort to rise above their temporal surroundings. In addition, the constituent parts are not built as separate units but present an architectural synthesis of striking unity. The Khajuraho temples are, however, not as imposing in size as the Orissan, but achieve the same grandeur through their graceful proportions and superb surface decoration. The largest of these is only about a hundred feet in length. As a rule there are three main compartments, namely, the garbhagriha, the mandapa and the ardhamandapa or entrance portico, arranged in the fashion of a cross. The antarala, the mahamandapa or the transepts and the perambulatory passage supplement the other compartments in the more developed examples. The aspiring quality associated with most styles of temple architecture is emphasized in the Khajuraho group to a marked degree. The entire mass of granite or sandstone, of which most of these are constructed, appears to have an upward movement, the effect of loftiness being further enhanced by a number of pronounced vertical projections. The range of open porches with overhanging eaves running horizontally around the Khajuraho temple serves to let in light, thus throwing a band of vivid shadow over the entire composition.

Best time to visit Khajuraho Temples

October to March

The temples at Khajuraho were built during the Chandella dynasty, which reached its apogee between 950 and 1050. Only about 20 temples remain; they fall into three distinct groups and belong to two different religions – Hinduism and Jainism. They strike a perfect balance between architecture and sculpture. The Temple of Kandariya is decorated with a profusion of sculptures that are among the greatest masterpieces of Indian art. The temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and the Jain Tirthankaras. The temples of Khajuraho represent some of the most exquisite specimens in medieval India.

erotic sculptures of khajuraho

erotic sculptures of khajuraho

How to Reach

The world famous tourist destination Khajuraho is well connected to the major cities of the country by air, train and road.

By Air

For the tourists coming from abroad, Delhi is the nearest International Airport. Upon reaching Delhi, a connecting flight will take you to the Khajuraho Airport which is only 2 km from the Khajuraho City.

By Train

Khajuraho has its own railway station named after the famous temple. The railway station is just around 5 km away from the popular tourist spots of Khajuraho. Cabs on hiring basis are available from the station premise to Khajuraho temple.

By Road

There are many types of buses available that one can select from to reach Khajuraho from different parts of North India.

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